Why drink Alcohol-Free Beverages?


Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. We know, and yet we do it anyway! As a result we do not consider the major impact excessive alcohol consumption can have. But please, pay attention to it. After all, a glass of alcohol-free wine tastes just as good.

The alcohol-free wines TimeforAlcoholFree.co.uk offers, contain a high dose of secondary plant substances from the kernels and skin of the grapes. These substances are good for your heart and blood vessels because they decelerate the changes in the blood vessels in a negative sense. In addition, these substances prevent the formation of the so-called free radicals – aggressive oxygen compounds that will weaken the immune system and lead to the formation of cancer cells.



If you consume alcohol, your child will consume it as well. After you have ingested alcohol, the alcohol will be distributed over your bodily fluids. The concentration of alcohol in your blood will, as a result, be just as high in the blood of your unborn child. Therefore, if, after a glass of beer your blood alcohol content is be 0.3%, your baby’s will be the same. Alcohol can reach the unborn child throughout the entire pregnancy, even when the placenta has yet to be developed, or when you don’t know you are pregnant.

Alcohol can harm your unborn child because it influences the development of cells. During the pregnancy the unborn child’s organs will start to develop and can easily be affected by alcohol. In addition, during the pregnancy the brain will undergo a significant development. Alcohol can cause damage to the brain.


Drug Use

With many types of medication it is absolutely not allowed to drink alcohol. Therefore it is very good to know that with the drinks we offer at TimeforAlcoholFree.co.uk you can still join your friends for a drink!



Drinking (too much) alcohol when you need to drive is really not appropriate anymore, something we, fortunately, all know too well as we are faced with the most horrible images on television each day. Why not try an alcohol-free alternative? You won’t taste the difference!


Doing Business

Those days when we were doing business with a bottle of liquor on the table truly belong to the past. In our current competitive society we rather remain sharp and in control of what we say and promise. However, it is always nice to enjoy a bottle of alcohol-free wine during a meeting! All gain, and no pain.



Alcohol is fattening. Not the food you eat during or after.. No, the alcohol itself. Alcohol-free wine contains 60% less calories than alcoholic wine. Thus, even with a strict diet you are able to enjoy a tasteful, alcohol-free glass of wine.