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  • Weinkönig Riesling

    This alcohol-free white wine is made with the well-known Riesling grape. It has a pleasant and fruity acidic touch which it presents in a very natural way. This dry, true Riesling from Rheinhessen distinguishes itself with its fresh and, at the same time, mineral flavour. Due to its full, fruity acidic touch it remains a strong and elegant wine, even without the alcohol. The Weinkönig Riesling is wonderful with seafood, fish, sushi, and sashimi.

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  • Carl Jung Riesling Feinherb

    The Carl Jung Riesling Feinherb is a wine typical for this grape. With a fragrance of green apples and lime, and a fruity flavour with a long aftertaste. Perfect when combined with salads or a spicy meal.

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2 Item(s)