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When the sun starts shining again, and you can leave the comfort of your home without a jacket, it is very likely you will choose a different kind of wine. Think of a fresh, fruity rosé. One that will help you find the sun in your glass! Here you will find our selection of the best alcohol-free rosé wines. Produced like any other rosé, which makes them taste remarkably. However, without the alcohol, because it is filtered out at the end of the production process. Not sure which brand will suit you? We would love to help you with some personal advice! In addition, we offer a rosé wine mixed package which will enable you to explore the riches of this wine at your convenience.

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  • Blutul Muscat Rosé

    The Blutul Muscat Rosé wine displays delicate floral flavours. It has a creamy texture, with an elegant fresh finish of lemon and apricot, which gives the wine an excellent balance on the palate.

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  • Somée Pinot Noir Rosé

    This non-alcoholic dry wine consists mainly of Pinot Noir Rosé wines of good structure and purity what is typical of this grape variety from Italy. This balanced blend with a fruity aroma and a hint of raspberry has a high mineral content. This rosé wine with a delicate sweetness is delicious combined with summer dishes.

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  • Morouj Rosé

    It is beautiful day. You find yourself in great company. The sun enlightens your glass filled with the brightly coloured Morouj Rosé, made from Spanish Tempranillo grapes. Full bodied with a soft taste. Balanced because of the light earthy tones. Everything to put a smile on your face. Rosy, but without the alcohol. Drink Morouj Rosé with a salad or cold meats to experience it at its fullest, or enjoy its solid body during a barbeque. 

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  • Torres Natureo Rosado

    The Torres Natureo Rosado is a remarkable semi-dry alcohol-free rosé wine. This wine is made from the Syrah and the Cabernet Sauvignon Grape which gives it an intense, fruity taste. This Catalan rosé is enriched with touches of cherry, blackberries, and blue berries. Exceptional when the first rays of the sun show themselves again: with a fresh and joyous flavour and a long aftertaste.

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  • Weinkönig Romance en Rosé

    This organic rosé wine from Bordeaux, France is the latest, new pearl from Weinkellerei Weinkönig. It is comprised of 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillon, in addition to 10% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, in short, an amazing mix! It is dry and will inspire you with its fresh character. Serve it nice and cool and you will be able to enjoy it with many summer dishes.

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  • Carl Jung Selection Rosé

    The Carl Jung Selection Rosé is a remarkable rosé wine with a modern pink colour. The scent of blackberries with a touch of nuts. A balanced fruity flavour with a supple aftertaste. A summer wine which is perfect when combined with a lunch salad, or with light summer dishes.

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  • Weinkönig Rosé

    A delicious alcohol-free summer-rosé made from wonderful wines from the French Rousillon region. Fruity, fresh, and deliciously accessible as a real summer-rosé should be. This wine has a semi-dry blend of Carignan and Syrah grapes. Serve it nice and cool and you will have a wonderful and refreshing aperitif on warm days. It is an excellent companion when you are enjoying typical summer dishes.

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  • Eisberg Rosé

    A seductive fresh rosé with a pearly pink colour. Open the bottle and the sweet seductive scent of red fruit will beckon you. It has a fresh, fruity and intense flavour. With touches of ripe strawberries and cherries it is perfect to enjoy out on the terrace!

    Nutritional values per 100 ml
    Calories 113 kJ / 27 kcal
    Fat 0 grams
       thereof saturated fatty acids 0 grams
    Total carbohydrates 6.8 grams
       thereof sugar 6.8 grams
    Protein 0 grams
    Salt 0 grams
    Ingredients De-alcoholised Rosé wine, rectified concentrated grape must, flavouring, carbon dioxide, preservative: sulfur dioxide
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  • Lussory Premium Rosé

    This beautiful rosé from Spanish winemaker Lussory has a remarkable light pink colour. A balanced flavour of berries with a supple aftertaste. A great wine with Spanish tapas or pintxos, best enjoyed on the terrace in the sun.

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  • Raumland Traubensecco Rot

    This remarkable organic German sparkling rosé wine has an aroma of forest fruits and strawberries. Semi-sweet and therefore easily to be combined with many dishes. In addition, it is delicious on its own out on the terrace on a warm summer’s day.


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10 Item(s)