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  • Win 12 Crianza Tempranillo

    The Win 12 Crianza Tempranillo has an elegant fragrance, with aromas of red fruit and a clear touch of the wood of the American and French oak barrels it was aged in, and a touch of liquorice. With a balanced taste with lovely tannins. The light touch of acidity ensures that the freshness of the wine is maintained. In the long aftertaste the fragrances return, fruity and spicy.

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  • Win Tempranillo

    The Win Tempranillo is made from the Tempranillo grape which grows in the dry inlands of Spain in the region of Valbuena de Duero. A low degree of acidity, touches of cherry, black berries and strawberries, with a touch of spices are what characterize this wine. The producer advises you to drink it chilled, as the Spaniards do, but this wine is also delicious when it is served at room temperature.

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  • Lussory Premium Red Tempranillo

    The Lussory Premium Red is made with the best Tempranillo grapes from the renowned Spanish La Mancha wine region. This delicious alcohol-free red wine is finished de-alcoholising just before it is bottled, in order to maintain the characteristic colour, scent, and flavour in the bottle. It has a deep, fancy chestnut brown-red colour. With a nose of beautiful red fruit and a touch of milk. Very beautiful rich flavour with a pleasant tannin level.

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3 Item(s)