Raumland is a wonderful German establishment that produces the delicious Sekt. The love of the profession is literally dripping from this winery. In addition to many alcoholic sparkling wines, they, fortunately, also produce three wonderful alcohol-free wines!

We, from TimeforAlcoholFree.co.uk, are not alone in our enthusiasm: Holland’s most beloved writer of wine; Nicolaas Klei uses the words ‘royal alcohol-free’. In the Dutch magazine AD he wrote, about his experiences with Raumland:

“The posh looking champagne bottles contain no wine, but grapes and apple juice with bubbles. It is, as they write, organic fruit enhanced with carbon dioxide, nothing else. Pure and sincere. The red Traubensecco has spirit. And you are truly in heaven when you try the juice of a wild apple species with red pulp. Cheerful acids, spunk, and bite. A very high-standard apple juice. That is how you royally enjoy alcohol-free beverages.”

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  • Raumland Traubensecco Rot

    This remarkable organic German sparkling rosé wine has an aroma of forest fruits and strawberries. Semi-sweet and therefore easily to be combined with many dishes. In addition, it is delicious on its own out on the terrace on a warm summer’s day.


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