The Dream started in 2016 in a Pub. What do you drink when you have to drive a car, but really want a tasty Craft Beer full of flavour? Because there was nothing to find, Jilles Eissen and Mirko Schnitzler started innovating with a team of beer specialists. The goal: the real Craft flavours - alcohol-free! We proudly present this new beer brand with a first alcohol-free Porter and a Session IPA beer. The porter is a world first and there is no comparable alcohol-free variant on the market. The developments at Braxzz are continuing and we expect this brand to offer even more high-quality and tasty beers in the future.

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  • Braxzz Oaked Cider

    This cider from Braxzz is highly recommended and how an alcohol-free cider should be; complex in taste, with fresh fermented apples, hops and an oak finish. The ideal combination for a delicious alcohol-free cider.

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