Bosca from Italy merely focuses, with the exception of a stray Vermouth, on the production of sparkling wines. Luigi Bosca took over the family business after years of tradition. His motto: quality is more important than quantity. And it shows! Bosca offers you a delicious alcohol-free ‘spumante’, acquired from the Italian Moscato grape.

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  • Bosca Toselli Spumante

    Toselli is an authentic alcohol-free wine, made by one of the largest sparkling wine producers in Italy: Bosca. It is a so-called ASTI, a ‘spumante’ obtained from Moscato (Muscat) grapes. These grapes grow in the hills around Canelli. Bosca Toselli is a semi-sparkling wine that contains 0.5% alcohol and is wonderfully refreshing. Light and delicately sweet, with a beautiful fragrance.

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