Astoria Zero Tondo

Astoria ensures delicious, trendy prosecco wines. Think, for instance, of the wines from “Lounge”, and the “9.5 Cold Wine” range. At many luxury (premiere) parties you will find these remarkable bottles. For the alcohol-free drinker it is, therefore, wonderful to learn that they have introduced two remarkable alcohol-free sparkling wines.

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  • Astoria 9.5 Zero Tondo

    Astoria’s NINE dot FIVE wines are hip, happening, trendy, cool, bold, down.. and so on, and so forth! At a lovely terrace or in the club you don’t simply drink a glass of prosecco. No, you want people to see you holding that bold white bottle of NINE dot FIVE! And in this cool, bold range one can now also purchase the NINE dot FIVE Zero Tondo! From now on you will be able to enjoy an extremely hip drink without the alcohol.

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